Tuesday, September 1, 2015

4 Reasons to Control Your Temperature Over Wi-Fi

4 Reasons to Control Your Temperature Over Wi-Fi
(Besides Being Really Cool)

Your home is your palace: but not if you’re shivering or sweating. Nothing can ruin a family board game night or an evening dinner party quite like temperature problems.

If you’re constantly up and down adjusting your thermostat, or if you’re in the living room wrapped in a blanket while your son is in his bedroom with the window open, it’s time to take back control: wirelessly.

RedLINK™ Wireless temperature control is the new way to keep yourself comfortable and focused on the important things rather than your thermostat.

4 Reasons Wi-Fi Control Rocks

    1. Space age technology: RedLINK™ wireless technology provides a back-lit American-style thermostat that’s both easy to use and easy to read. It’s programmable and can work with smartphones and computers. So if you’re on the couch writing an email or checking Facebook, you don’t have to get up if you want to adjust the temperature. The control is right at your fingertips.
    2. No unsightly wires: Isn’t that the whole point of wireless? No ugly wires, no difficult installation, no worry about corrosion or mice chewing on them. You can install the thermostat anywhere; its impressive range works through concrete and other floors of the house. So put it where you want it to be: no restrictions. Going wireless provides a new level of freedom and flexibility. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
    3. You’re in control: Have you ever fought the "Temperature Wars" with your family members? Up, down, up, down: you’re back and forth from what you’d rather be doing, racing to the thermostat to adjust it to your comfort level – only to find an hour later that someone else has tampered with it. The wireless system gives you total home comfort: and you don’t have to get up when the house gets frigid (or feverish). Keep on cooking dinner, watching your favorite show or reading your book and simply adjust the temperature on your phone or computer.
    4. Peace of mind: Whether you’re out for the day at work or for a week on vacation, you can adjust the temperature from wherever you are. This enables you to turn down the cooling or heating while no one is home, which saves you money. But don’t come back to an ice box or the Sahara. Just readjust the temperature from anywhere and come home to an oasis.
Likewise, ductless technology works great at the cottage. Whether you won’t be back until spring or you’re heading there this weekend, while you’re away, you can have peace of mind that the temperature there is safe and cost-effective. You can check in anytime, see and adjust the temperature in your cottage – so no surprise frozen pipes or hefty heating bills.

There’s a reason everyone’s switching to wireless: from TVs to Internet connections to thermostats, wires are things of the past. They’re unattractive, take up needless space, are a headache to install – and they don’t provide the same 360 degree protection, coverage and convenience of wireless.

The temperature of your home should always be under your control. Whether you’re out for the day or the month, whether you want to check in, cool down or warm up, you should know what’s going on in your home and have the ability to adjust it – without any hassle. And that’s exactly the power RedLINK™ wireless technology places right in your hands.

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